The Achievement Thread


Since I soloed that nest ^^ I decided to close the realm and welp here’s the result:

-Took me 15mins to get here because of the hp of the walls + weak >.<

-(5mins later) Oh boi…

-Killed him with 4mins remaining before server reset, holy fur!

Solo castle+oryx on 4/8 mundane pally :DD


knight would be a completly better mundane class.


I know, but I don’t like knight :c


too many huntresses

now all i need is another set


Killed Oryx Deux (then realized that it didn’t count as an oryx kill) and soloed megamoth with 4/8 archer & decent gear (dunno if that’s good or not)


Some would say this is a Trivial Issue.





Hopefully people wouldn’t consider it a trivial achievement :smiley:


megamoth isn’t technically hard, it’s got fairly well choreographed movements; it’s just scary cus of stacked shots and such, which is the main reason why i usually skip em.


Ah. There goes any hope I had of doing something that takes skill. :slight_smile:


Pretty. :rainbow:


Finally, after all of my Assassins failing to reach 800 fame, my fiery, seriously spooky Assassin managed to live to this glorious day!
And, for those wondering:


lol 780… I just died typing to a medusa (and I exited before it showed the death screen, so I had gotten my hopes up) at 729 fame. Rip my archer. I’m just glad I had put my dbow in my vault not long before I died.


What cloth is that? It’s amazing :o


Small Party Cloth


Thanks @Doc :smile:


not doc, reg is an automated thing


oh opps. Still props to the dude




FYI Oryx Deux in the Battle Nexus is counted as an oryx kill.