The Achievement Thread


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Reached 7/8? 8/8? Soloed Shatters? Tell us here!

Please have proof but if you don’t that’s fine


Got my first 8/8

Died the next day ez


i got a kendo stick



Like a week back but first 8/8 death ever seen happen in front of my face. Poor @AndywantsD, it was in pup


I have gotten 30 event whites!!

but none of em are juggs

I have gotten 15 shatters whites!

but 10 of them were Gems


First ever 8/8!




achievement i’ve yet to beat is the day i soloed geb rage as a pally
in 2014, out of things to do, i set goals for myself, and one of them was to be able to solo a whole tomb with each and every class. gone through a few failures, and finally achieved success!


I achieved an impossible task. Right now marks the 2-day mark since I’ve played RoTMG. I’ve begun to question my life


not even fametrained

I need a life


whats wrong with the fame?

why use dex ring, especially at lod ?




I have stopped dying hourly or even daily!
:sparkles: :birthday: :sparkles:
Gonna go change my desc. real quick.


dex ring cause i forgot to swap with my deca after chest


It’s not that much is it? ;w;


First character with 1k base, second 8/8.


Buy it for 2 or 3 mana


I have upgraded my pet yard for 25k fame, now i’m broke af.