The Achievement Thread


top 29th archer in terms of base fame.

Unlike the rest, I have no need for gaudy crowns or flashy void tops; only skill.


Remember that 6/8 PPE I did entirely on mobile? Yeah, that’s 100% obsolete now.

First Halls top, first vial, a ton of Ice Tomb whites, and a bunch of other good whites that can’t be used on the Paladin.


I don’t mean to be rude, congratulations on your ppe but ummm…



So uhh, I lost my regular without doing anything wrong. Guess that’s an achievement


If you drop below the activity standards, you can lose it even if you didn’t get flagged

If you lost it due to flags, then you can’t say you didn’t do anything wrong, but flags will eventually expire and regular can be regained


This is one of my biggest rotmg goals, I’m at 84/80 rn :)))


No, I don’t. xd


So after several whites, I finally get it.




I finally decided to do a PPE…
Since this was my first, I picked my favorite class of course.
Backpack and dyes are ppe, loot drops only if obtained from event chest/tinkerer, yes I did do quests.

Close call

Got the Void Blade from boss during event
(Yes, I got both dcircle and ilex)

“Huh, where did the tentacles go?”


3 8/8s alive at once yay




RealmEye has the answer:



This wasn’t worth it
Duo with @Fioreen up until Spectral showed up.
I’ll let this clip speak for itself.

The General Chat Thread

jesus that frame perfect auto-nexus
wait why did he clip it himself hm


I mean, how does he have the djinja skin


You can obtain it via the Supporter Campaign. It is granted at level five (exalted supporter).



Although I guess that should be… you could…obtain it via that campaign. The screen is still visible in the nexus shop even though it’s officially ended, if you want to see it there.


Lost my best character yet

so i raged and did this


almost died too trying to kill a native sprite god in sprite world