The Achievement Thread




my friend @Enteruser has 70 stars, 5 stars on each class except for mystic(0)


Congratulations, you’re missing out on slightly over half of other playstyles, remaining in the Wild Shadow era of class choice.


Wow, if I were you, I’d probably have 5 star for Necro, Paladin, Knight, Warrior, Wizard, Archer, and Assassin with 0 stars for Rogue, Huntress, Priest, and Ninja


that was not a small wc either



Oh hey, the Paladin is still alive.


Top 20 Archers in Terms of Base Fame


My life as an orange peasant has come to a close. Only 2 years till white star.


Excuse me wtf.
Think about who you just offended. Look at this “peasant”
No thats a highly respectable and incredibly smart man you just shamed there (apart from myself) you should feel sorry for yourself young man im just going to vent now smh calling orange stars peasants sniff


Got all my characters in the top 1000 characters for their respective class! Took ages, lots of realms closes and quite a few lost halls over the past year.


/s Shameless flex




BUT NOT ALL of you chars are in the top 1,000


That’s cause Seelpit ain’t no jack of all trades; she’s a master at what she plays best! :stuck_out_tongue:


if i miss my 10k im going to cry ngl




missed it by a pretty long shot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I finally completed one of my major goals – 4 slot worth of deca / pixie/ soulless!



I mean, he did say “yellow time”. Being asian, that’s cool with me :+1:


was doing a halls and zoned out :c


And that’s 8/8 /w\