The Achievement Thread


I didn’t open the game for 5 days straight! :smiley:


Completely unrelated to the game, but today in my track meet I FINALLY jumped 5’8 in the high jump!
I’ve been stuck at 5’6 for soooo long


that’s taller than I am :flushed:


not me. my goal is to jump 2 inches higher next meet, to qualify for the state meet, then at the state meet be able to jump over my height (6’3)


got my white star and a legendary pet while being free to play, was fun

now i can enjoygaming


Pathetic. I haven’t opened the game for over a week.
I’m so confident I can also say that I have the self control to never open rotmg again!




Last seen : 1 yr ago


Finished the campaign, I think it would’ve been slight improved if the minor heroes like Ent/GK had dropped 1 ornament, to give a reason to participate in closing the realm instead of beach leech or going into fast dungeons and leaving others to do the effort, but overall it was alright.


The knight skin rank 20 reward looks a bit cartoonish with my dyes but I stick to the default skins anyway!


oh hey a legendary pet egg

aw yes


Nice hatch. Do you recall what boss dropped the leg egg? It’s not shown as a loot on the wiki and I wanted to add it (though I guess if one drops it, they all will).


Unfortunately I wasn’t recording during the cland but it was most likely either a gigacorn or mega rototo


“Not the Cupcake boss” is the main thing I was hoping you’d say, cause that could have different loot, but I’m happy enough that if one normal boss drops it, they all should. Thanks!


decided to rush a halls from a sentry



First time red glow :0


…oh wait scammed :sob:


unscammed :blush:



I just suicided the Mystic to make room for a PPE (after taking off all its gear), but all my characters are 8/8 at once again!


Didn’t u get hacked / banned twice ?


Hacked, then temp banned for a couple weeks.


Okay so 365 days is still a bit far


Wait I have a question…
Is there anyone else who is short in this forum? or is every single one of you tall???
I guess its an achievement to be short but still.