The Achievement Thread


my first 8/8 ppe, now i can rest easy


No, you have to get him to 15k base fame!!

Gratz! Good luck and long life! :wink:


first 5* post fame rework

how far i’ve come from this(same wiz, just in like 2017 or something)


insane achievement havent played in 2 months



Snap; my account must have been created 9 days after yours:




happy anniversary :cake:


Congrats on being here! :tada:


I don’t celebrate every year, but a decade is a decade. Holy shit I’m getting old.


Third completion of the new one, after two grouped ones. I didn’t actually play it on Testing (agh, bad Future Seeker!), so it was pretty tricky getting the hang of some stuff - see: 6 consumed health potions, plus two extra ones I had in my inventory.

However, I noted that at least two seperate times, I got hit by a stacked shot. Once by a Superblast, once by a Shuriken. Not sure what’s up with that!


15k base, not really sure what to do now

  • moar fame !
  • exaltations
  • check if you’ve any dungeon compleats missing for death fame
  • just keep going, you’re obviously good at Mystic so keep going for loot, campaigns


Or getting white star!


First time making it to the king, and first time making it through shatts.
No loot


After 2+ years… I have done it. Had to feed excessive ST’s and a Requiem for the final push.


My first 5/5 stat

When I started playing again casually 2 months ago I thought I would do 75 pub cults and be done with the game. Little did I know that I would once again spiral downward into the ROTMG grind. Originally exaltations were just a “lol imagine” for me since I didn’t see myself doing them that much. I think I got 2/5 normally from pub nests in the realm from playing casually before the event but at one point I started doing keys and it just went downhill from there.


When I first started playing and to now, Dirk has always been the white that I hunted for. Because the sprite looked awesome, it was(at the time believed to be) the rarest drop in game, (also at the time), the best dagger, and it had an actual backstory. That hunt finally ends.

unfortunately not from a cube god

BONUS: I picked up a fire sword in that pink bag that you see and dropped it right as he died. Lucky Fire Sword never dies eh?

@Laserquest Fire Sword > Kendo btw




40k base fame. Not just first time to 40k, but first time to 30k with this char. Previous best was 25k, and I’d only twice gotten over 20k. The improvements to the Cnidaria Rod help as lot as it’s great for quickly clearing dungeons, or godlands, both for fame and to dispose of threats, provided you have enough WIS.

At the same time managed to 8/8 all my chars. I’d been close for a while but kept dying regularly so creating new 0/8 chars. Not dying for three weeks, and rushing around collecting tokens from bosses that also drop pots, was enough to get me to all 8/8.


image ok