The Achievement Thread


why feed stingers D: and as someone who has forged 20+ para spells and aether orbs this hurts, and that 3D seal man, so rare and really good. Also selling the st orbs for incs would have bee more fp i think.



I’m more interested in doing PPEs now, not a fan of the forge, and do not have the patience for merching :confused:
Getting a whitebag from forge rather than drop takes away a lot of the excitement for me. I’ve done it before, but I just don’t like it.


k, i do alot of ppes too and i dont forge on those but if i have a non ppe char i only use it if its 4/4 becuase i makes the game more fun. This means i like forge. Also i love staff classes but i hate doing parasites, mts and ice caves, forge has saved my literally 100s of these(and 100s of sprites for the 50-60 eps ive died with). One of my favourite updates to the game.



It only took you 4 8/8’s?


First one carried


me and @Moonpetal got so far on our duo shatts. . .
at least it was good practice!


Back in October i submitted one of my skins for the fan content program. I received no updates about it so i assumed it got rejected… until i saw this in my gift chest

Well that was unexpected.


pub o3 my first top damage




weekly if I die

1 billion fame


Do you have dungeon completion fame bonuses? If not, you should definitely get them, it’s really worth it.


got the 3rd class to 15k base fame :slight_smile: (never thought it would be the Samurai, but this set is great!)


I’m never doing a shatters :stuck_out_tongue:


you really should, not on that char of course, but it’s the most fun dungeon in the game imo, even if you aren’t good at it (i have like 12 8/8 deaths in it for like 25 completes)


Lost 4 8/8s to shatters around a month ago

preparing for round 2



Achieved a yellow star, for the second time. Was white star before the fame reset, which dropped me to a red star. Was able to get to orange almost immediately with just a few hundred fame, but then went rank by rank through orange until today. Not all of my classes have reached 5000 fame as I have a few which reached 15000. Will try and get the rest to 5000, then start on levelling them all to 15000.


I’m glad you’re enjoying it! With the upcoming Katana buff, it’ll obviously be even more powerful - just slightly, but still!


first non-discord mbc on testing! it was a blast honestly, unfortunately we didn’t have a vial
also @AKLDragon what a coincidence you were here