The Death Thread




Backup Ninja, noooo!
I walked forward on King Bridge, where there was an Ice Adept+Mage spawn; but the Mage was already dead, and the Ice Sphere explosion caught me somewhat off-guard. I saw it happen, but I thought "nah, I can live that."
Meh, didn’t lose anything too important 'side from a T6 Tome I got from Sentinel.


what a stud


oof. @CookieMage


i died… to a battery alert that hogged my screen so i couldnt move back from a god wall


Ouch. Have you tried The Oh Shiet Button (for freezes and when you click off the page)? It might be useful, and you don’t even need to be able to see the game window to close Realm (in case the window becomes obscured).



you know, some things are best cherished. i miss him already.








Oof. Vile, an event white.


That’s the 2nd vile i’ve lost :wink:


Only second? Nub
I’ve lost 0 haha.




Those lair burst traps though.


popped by septavius


died on 2 8/8 within two days, not a good time for me:(


oh well