The Death Thread



Highest ever fame on a 0/8 character for me. Got ambushed and insta’d. I really shouldn’t have even entered the mine as a 0/8… Only bummer is I did lose a Mad Lab Robe that dropped just a few seconds before entering the mines :confused: Otherwise, it was a great, long-lived character! No regrets!


@RLY Really just died at a KBN. Done with @Nevov from a few days back.

@LinkHaDe At the very end of the fight! Probably cause of that nasty, nasty stacked shot stuff

@Crushermod Ran in, sat on a morel, died instantly. Hm.


Neyll: udl

*Chrushermod was too tempted by the udl :sleepy:


Seems @Quimoth could not keep away, while @Sskai stood in just the wrong place to finish off the boss and was popped by a Morel.


@DivineOryx mentioned this death in The Farewell Thread.


All Credit to @Zquidx for getting such a god tier Screen shot on this massive grave pile


i could take it down if you want me to


Note to self: Don’t leech in top left corner in para. Also, whoever kicked that armor break barrel into that corner killing all those people is my hero.


i think this was a max eff run? im not to sure but if it was, this pleases me


FKKKKKKKK NO BAD MEMORIES :frowning: confuse drunk I will never forgive you


Few Parasite Chamber deaths


@Peponi, @Getrenks, @Bumbles You know, Oryx…still deals damage.

@LIKEar and @XaverMadGo The latter got absolutely trucked by its Chase phase.

@Mistyale Another case of getting brutally run over - except this time, it’s MONOCULUS! a giant eyeball.




the sad thing is they all had at least one stat maxed


technically, if the screenshot happened a little while after those deaths, then all the 0/8 character’s graves would have disappeared


:open_mouth: ok




@Waffleswuf :c


I never thought I’d ever see my grave in here, today was the day ;~;