The Death Thread


lel xd suicide btw



Imagine dropping a QoT
Imagine suiciding with it


Picture thread

thats a suicide?


i like how ur archer base fame doubled within the past few weeks…


If my base fame doubled, I would have 80K fame by now. I actually haven’t played for like 2 weeks.


oh guess im wrong xd ignored all of ur lightshot screenshot things oof




Why would you suicide with a qot if you gonna get 0 fame…suspicious cRoPpings


@Pentaract I’m not stalking you I swear




That was one of many Pentaracts!



i watched that 7 times… it was so so so satisfyinggggggggggg


So I started playing Realm again, like, one hour ago…and I died in the Mab Lab. But my death was so funny and pathetic that it was actually worth it in my eyes.

So how did I die? I entered the Boss Room in a normal way. When Terrible was throwing his usual concoctions and such, I circled around him, getting back to position when I was done. But then this douche called “Crusher Abomination” was just camping in the room’s entrance. The concoctions were spilling out on the front, and the annoying Crusher was behind, shooting out his wave thingies. Remember, I’m Level 11 – I can’t take a lot of damage. Knowing this, I tried weaving out sideways, ducking around the lower-right turret. The turrets weren’t shooting (or else I would have been killed alone in the corner). And I would have made it, too, if it weren’t for those MEDDLING creatures that spawn in the cages! With low HP, I naturally stepped back, running around Doctor Terrible. And that’s when the turrets activated. I was stuck in the back of the room, wall against my back. With all of the Doctor’s concoctions, I was about to die when I tried squeezing between the turret shots and concoctions. And I would have made it, too, if weren’t for those MEDDLING turrets! With my HP below 100, I was too worried about getting to the other side that I ran in those…long things that stick out of the ground.

But all in all, it feels good to laugh over something I haven’t played in such a long time. I’m officially back!


Ayyeee we can be noobs together eh?


I was in the middle of typing “lol statues are designed to kill trash players”
karma is real folks, 5/8 and I had mercy’s bane as a swapout




Cool with me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Usnipe and @Lawl Careful bois you cant sit on mbc.

@Ikar Man those Big fidgets did a number on you.