The Death Thread


Oof. Well, it sounds like you learned from that experience. Get back in there and wallop that sentient pile of fecal matter!


Suicide Boi


Ah, my bad then, sorry! I didn’t mean to accuse you for no reason :slight_smile:




How can your hp bar can be seen on walls ? hacked client ? if no don’t kill me please


It can be seen on walls because deca programs things like that. It’s not all walls, but some walls. Also, if I was using a hacked client I would be rushing bc hacks, not standing at entrance waiting for demon to try rushing.


xd now I understand why you refused to rush on that trix, lol


looks at cdirk in inventory
It’s not like I don’t have one


stalked @EddyOrk while he was at his own grave




I guess this is what happens when you step away from your computer for 20 min while in realm


And when RotmgTrollr drags on you
+1 to Deaths
+0 to Hakzors


complaining typically involves someone being mad.
He’s just telling his story


triple kill in a public lh


Thotfucker lmfao


When the 0 fps hits your hard


Saved up some deaths!

@YUMIMANO Shotgunned into oblivion by a phase-transitioning Geb.

@ChaosLion Stood too close when the Bees went to protect the Colony.

@Malsker At the very top of the screen - burned themself with Killer Honey.

@RippTidded That’s a Ripp.

@QoTeX Not sure what the Knights were doing…

@SetoKalba and @ShutUpWin The latter was a TPE. As it turns out, standing on bosses…kills you?!

@Soldierof Yet another victim of the Paladin Obelisk pain train.

@Wastedgods Failed to rush with the group.


RIP opener: @HTSC