The Death Thread




@Zizter No lava walking for us, no more Bracer for them u_u

@Woutje Got Bee’d just 'fore I teleported.

@OneMichael Wasn’t really sure how that phase goes.


Cant stand still in a slime room. They are kiiller.


Most recent 8/8 deaths :smiley: I sure love warrior so much.


lol u suk lmao

/s my guy rip


I for some reason thought I could tank these things despite 0 hope of it actually being true.


Yummy fire portal amirite boyz


A bit lame, but this one is fresh and stings a lot. For context, I can only play this game around 20 minutes a day on average, so I am a mega normie. I know a lot about how things work in realm, I get maxing and drop chances, literally all the “basic info” of realm at the moment. I barely max any stats on any of my characters, due to my really really tight game time schedule. My highest net worth was probably around 6-7 life total, without accounting for pets and UTs. Some guy is chaining OTs and Tombs. I was being a chill archer, and chain paralyzing while everyone went ham on them. I was doing great for how terrible at tombs I am typically. I scored 5 life pots, nearly doubling my value stash. Immediately after the 3rd tomb, somebody else pops an OT. I said I would give all my life pots to whoever popped that specific OT if I got a Coral Bow. Welp, I got a C Bow. I ran for the white bag, after wanting a C Bow for the longest time. I was ready to pay up the life to the chill popper, and was ready to rejoice. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I was lagging, really badly lagging, after the bag dropped. I rean into the middle, and couldn’t pick up the C Bow because major lag. Immediately after the lag ceased, I grabbed the C Bow as fast as humanly possible, only to find out all 4 waterbeasts had sat on me while I lagged out.

Only about 350 fame and no maxed stats, very little to complain about, but still.
Lost: half of all me life pots, Easter reskinned T Shot, and my short lived C Bow.

I’m not complaining, it was all my fault since I ran in trying to grab a white bag while lagging badly, and I very easily could have paralyzed them before hand. Welp, it happened, and unfortunately I can’t play the game enough to rebuild anytime soon, and I wont be able to get that T Shot back until next easter event :confused:


I feel you brother. I myself have never been killed while nabbing a white bag(I have a friend that got insta’d by a green potion picking up a robe of the mad scientist lol), but I’ve been lagged out of 2 ASS and a cbow that I put in my inventory only to get a ‘loading error’ 20 seconds later. Never have successfully picked up either item. FML


I know this is kind of stupid but I need to do this to vent, thanks!

The past week I’ve been building a archer after watching bickuribox12s “favourite to least favourite classes” on that video archer is placed at first. After, watching this video I made an archer and got some good gear for it, i got my archer to level 20 and began maxing, i did dex>speed>wisdom and then I maxed def using all my saved def pots over the last year. By the time I logged on again today, my archer was already 4/8, i then began the grueling process of hunting for eggs so i could get that juicy tshot reskin. I picked up a recomp and doombow along the way, i was immensely proud of my archer and myself. This was my first ever 4/8 almost 6/8 character and I felt like I ruled the world. But I guess shit had to hit the fan, I entered a sew just for me to get dced, then when i try play my character again, it says 56%20PM
I was SO PISSED, I looked at my graveyard and found this 11%20PM
Then I fully realised what happened, I must have spawned but my screen didnt load in so my char was there. Some idiot must of dragged a goblin brute and killed me. I immediatly face palmed and just broke down, Im not a very good player and for my only ever amazing character to be killed in the most bullshit way devestated me. I dont know how ill ever get into Rotmg again, probably going to take a super long break. Im steaming right as im writing this. Thanks for listening to my rant.

tl;dr. Died on my first ever 4/8 archer from some idiot dragging while my screen hadn’t fully loaded. absolutely devestated.

More 21%20PM Pics of my Char02%20PM


You just have to get back on that horse, and eat that horse! Lets go eat that horse!


Damn, that’s terrible luck. It’s also possible that a brute just spawned near the portal, but in the end it doesn’t really matter. Rip, hope you can rebuild my dude.


Rip, I’ve experienced Deca customer service… They don’t restore losses. The loss retrieval site is misleading and got my hopes up in the past. Bottom line is that you’ll get hit with bot emails of ‘sorry but that is not a service we provide’ even if you insert your proof in the section they ask for. Probs bc of scanners in the past


Died while dragging Blobombs for my guild mates. Was one of my favourite, if not, my 2nd favourite character who had my last Dbow and ice crown, along with nearly 12k base. Was pretty disheartened, and it didn’t help that most of my guildies were insulting or teasing me, one even prayed that my wizard would die and was celebrating my death. I’d have demoted/kicked them out for that, but this is just a game, so I took the time to cool off.

Regardless, the day after, I got 2 crowns from 2 shatter runs consecutively (only remembered to take a pic of 1), so yay, just need a dbow to rebuild her again!


Rip this 6 day old 3/8 warrior


Bad guild :angry:


Heheh, definitely not one of the warmer guilds out there, but hey, it’s thanks to people like you and Sabai that make the guild more tolerable and welcoming to newbies :stuck_out_tongue:


This happened to me when I was orange star as well, on Archer with Void bow, Void quiver, and crown. It’s already devastating for me to watch another character falls to this bullshit again. Big F.


Thanks for your concern, I’ve decided to take a long break from the game.


This is the one death that actually pissed me off.
I’ve never before been this angry about a death.

The main reason I died goes back to the fact that my mouse cable stopped working reliably.
I tried cutting open the cable to try and reconnect the bit that had gone loose, but it was too fiddly and I gave up.
Then the nest event came, and I really wanted those nest whites, so I decided to do some nests without my mouse.
Everything went well enough, and after 3 nests, I got this bag.

I wanted to post this in the loot channel of my guild’s discord so I took the screenshot above.
Then I also got something from the chest (A blue hydra reskin) so I had to post the screenshot so I could take another. But by the time I was doing that, everyone had left the dungeon already. While the keyboard focus was off the game, little yellow shots were hitting me, so I hurriedly moved my cursor back over my game and tried to click by tapping, but it wasn’t working.

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