The Death Thread



This guy clearly did not follow the udl speed limit, and was apprehended via speed trap. @CereauKill


rip this guy


so my guildy 8/8 his priest…

Poor man, this took his spirit and now hes taking a break, he was so happy about it too ;0;


Okay how this happened?
someone pls send a picture of shrek


owo new shaits is undoable…

2nd 6/8 ever and first 5 star class, ppe too may he rest in pieces


Thats what you get from looking at your cellphone :-;


I regret nothing



I don’t know if this counts, but my sanity is dead from the cem event.


I’m definitely pressing F


Image result for Pathetic meme



“Was I good, Skuld?”
“I’m told you were the best”


May our favourite hipster rest in piece.

Also this better not be how The Prism Pirate ends.

[ROTMG Comic] The Prism Pirate

Nearly soloed the entire dwarf miner event with the exception of the last 25% of the Crystal Worm Father’s health, where a 0/8 warrior helped by buffing me, he himself couldn’t get in for damage though

Afterwards, I went in the dungeon to check it out, never having been in it before and he followed, and promptly died

Checked out the dungeon though, seemed pretty cool, had to nexus before I could make it to the boss though




Rip 1/8 knight u will be missed
(and replaced by the exact same knight pretty much)




doing guild cems. I was spinning around the pumpkin master and ate all the image