The Death Thread


even 5/8, it was great assassin. Actually assassin is not dumb, it needs mana but dagger dps is actaully enough i think.

rip poor puppet boi


Assassin gang :muscle:


@Surlyman @Jaybones @Jansy

Surly’s 8/8 Priest was not so lucky when he was sorting his backpack… ate O2’s nasty bomb. Jay committed harakiri to get the fame. Jansy… got rekt by something O2-related.

Was carrying my 5th Merlot that I got from O1. 1/5/5/3 on Oryx Messenger set.




Switched tabs, rip my best ppe and best character.


Very fun class tho, but squishy lil bit too


Huge F


Survived 1st HTT but then the next one… ran out of HP pots…


Episode 12 of roller coaster moment after getting whites and ST’s within a day with her.

Was critically injured after she ate part of O2’s shotgun when going in for the damage, got Blinded and then one of the shot finished her off.

Didn’t die with anything good other than Ray and Candy Katana.

But dang, she was one of top 400-500 Samurai on the leaderboard. As a petless.

Complete silence

Oh crap

Requested Nox to send a SS of my Samu’s grave.


i think that’s in my collab video ahaha



Yeah lol, Sakura sent Nox footage for a review of pharaoh’s requiem


Might also do couple more and maybe that would be it for now.


I knew death is inevitable, but I wished it didn’t come so soon…

goodnight, my best character so far…


Rip @BetaRuler
Took a shotgun from Argus with the fungal / crystal ninja set.


Bad luck… I didn’t see Mushroom Brute’s shotgun and got popped. Died with Fallen, CWand, Devastation and Tlatoani Shroud that I forged.

Legit stayed until Oryx. On the other hand, I can now upgrade my pet yard to Divine.


rip my ultimate dream ppe (lbow cave trap wyrm bracer) 32k death

fs nests are ultimate garbage



Rest in peace; you shall be avenged.


your huntress was my goal :c

murder them bees for me




This dude committed harakiri to get the white star.

Got graped without a warning on my petless Bard. Welp, here goes my 1st forged TShot.

5 minutes later… Was picking up Dex pot from Garnet but then get sat on again.

New Year did not start well…