The Death Thread


Caption: Discord sound spam when a dude was using Mudae bot. Tabbed out in the wrong place for 4 seconds and this is the result.

Vesture alone overrated anyways.


not overrated, its really good and considered really good by the community, it is also considered risky by everyone.


Nah it really is.

Pretty much its risk is considered as NOTHING if you got the +20 Attack AND +10 Speed on you.


almost every endgame player i know doesnt overrate it, its good but they use diplo if they want to chill. If they want damage then they use vesture because thats what it does and its not much extra risk because so much stuff ignores armour


I barely see any dudes uses T15 Robe for legitimate uses.

Most of the time they are used for throwaway characters and FP (not legit uses btw).




Urgles can level up now?!


nerd down




You know what, I never really post here.

Farewell to my favorite character of all time, even if it wasn’t the most powerful. It was an inadvertent ppe. I also had a Leaf Hide, Crystal Cutter, and Void Blade. I was kind of hoping for a Kageboshi since I’ve never obtained one…

Not really upset about losing the Crown or the 3 DECAs on me, but beyond the sentiment of having the character for a long time, losing the Fame and having every dungeon completed but O3 and Void stings. I don’t exactly make Fame quickly with the time I have to play, and there goes the Shatts bonus, let alone the optional Heroic dungeons ):


good run


massive balls bringing a 100k fame char to anything harder that a pirate cave. respect. rip


I have to admit i got kind of tired after completing 180 untaris in a week…




oops, i was not expecting to die there


That moment when I get into a wlab and tab out…
nobody there even, only my own stupidity

rip oreo, at least i have another one in my vault that is never getting taken out again


that was my best char so far…


Homie down…



I actually liked seeing that char around. For whatever reason, your Samurai had grown on me. :sob:


i was expecting to die in shatts event because i havent done any of the new shatts yet but damn this was fast(first one)