The Death Thread


rip rarest ST set in the game


The Samurai one? It’s quite common in my experience.I have that set on one of my Samurai, and two spare sets. I would have more if I hadn’t thrown away or fed them – 3 of each is the most I normally keep of any ST item.

Last time i got a drop ? Two weeks ago I got the katana. Ten days before that the armour. Ten days before that another Katana. The only one that’s mildly annoying is the ring, which you need to track down Deathmages for, but you can do that when looking for Liches and Candy Gnomes as they appear in the same area.


I’'m with Skandling here. Don’t think it’s that rare. Already have another one.


Oh that’s awesome that you have another one, you can rebuild the samurai. Tbh i have better luck getting a samurai set made entirely out of whitebags. I don’t remember how many realms i’ve cleared at this point, but i’m convinced phoenixes and oasis giants don’t have any drops lmfao.


Could be a bias… but for me it seems to get more loot when I do only the last shots to an enemy and not just instkill it.

I often do a single shot and call it out then, so other ppl can get a chance for drops, too. In my feelings this also raises my chances to get loot.


Katanas are certainly easier to come by because of the Cyclopses, and I’ve surprisingly obtained 3 armors, but the Deathmages are definitely the hardest part of the set for me. I’ve learned how to map read and what some of the rng points of the Realm are because of my hunts for them, but I the thing that gets me is that I’ve often been beaten to the punch with them, even if I find their locations, even in dead Realms!

Oasis Giants are good if I’m on a fast character, but though I share the sentiment of sharing hits, I’ve frequently got to be the first one there, else others teleport to me when I’m close and don’t have the same kind of courtesy.

In my limited experience as an ST collector, the rarest set of them all feels like the Raijin Disciple, even if it potentially might “actually” have similar chances as everything else. Out of all court dungeons and endgame content, that has been the most miserable to hunt. I just obtained the star a few days ago since the set’s release. I’ve had at least 2 pieces to every other non-reskin set in the game up to the point, not counting duplicates.


Double posts. :eyes:



(accidentally deleted my pet after I got 100/100 :slight_smile:)

thanks deca


I feel like a clown. died right b4 skull phase


Probably should’ve been on sooner to see that. Mobile error that happens sometimes when I get a 504 message. Whoopsies!


my worst enemy


friend died in a davy T

and i dont know what i was doing here LMAO


I thought i had TP immunity, idk how i died tbh.

edit: alright i can’t pretend to be fine with this, how did this 16k base alien set die so stupidly, i’m gonna go cry in the shower indefinetly


actually dumb

called mini and walked into a minion and died with the mercy’s from o2





karma for laughing at the dude dying to the jade statue


lol oops. feels bad


If only I was able to die with the right amount of fame this wouldn’t hurt that much :c


got the skin from the st skin tokens and really want to use it. but turns out im just terrible at playing wizard. havent decided weather or not i should chill out and make something else or keep on trucking on with wizard.


tried doing the epic funny with my oreo, also lost like two chars in o3 in the span of a day
the future is looking bright.