The Death Thread


Yellow Lep massacre. Definitely seems unbalanced for the dungeons it’s in, both for how much HP it has and the instakill potential. I did one dungeon then switched from 'Sin to Sorc for safety.


i completed the collection afterwards
and yes, i have used all but the leecher’s blade in actual combat


In what cases do you use each of them? I only use 2, maybe 3 wakis and still hardly ever swap between them.


My swaps (fairly simple):

Before X-ing Fire Waki buff, I carry the same swapouts but without the respective UT.



Mind you most of them are for collection rather than their niches, but for cases in which you can use them:
Kog waki for regular play, it’s by far the most versatile.
SSidearm is for lazy dps, no thoughts just dps.
Watarimono is for ability dps (3k dmg for 80mp) in cases where sidearm is unusable, clunky, or you’d rather add waki placement to your thought process.
Ronin’s for slows.
Virtuous for the reliability or tiered waki muscle memory.
Sakura/Eastern for exposing enemies for extended periods of time.
SSSideram for corridor fights, long range damage and wall breaking with ease and the hp buff.
Fractured gem for crowd control and rock dragon busting.
Leecher’s blade (ryu’s) for whenever you can’t or don’t want to use eastern for exposing and prefer a safer option while still feeling useful to the group


simple is good, just not a fan of x-fire


my Davy friend @Leptiouf died :frowning:








Thought I could rush past crab :smiley:


Tenne + Esben is an extremely fragile combo. I had a Trix that used the very same setup and died with it. Also, RIP…


the most goated player in the game


@Kaasx again, Golem of Anger.


just ran into it… stupidly


died with my trickster on the way to 15k base fame. but i’m sure i hit the nexus key at least two or three times before it happened. but so what… making a new one at some time.


I got a Doku, @BroadBunny got a new char slot - got caught between the boss and last egg I think, and with the last egg being red that means a lot of damaging bleed inducing shots.




RIP 194k death fame Knight. You will be missed :pensive:


yeah but your pet eating good tonight