The Farewell Thread


Shadowfax? More like ShadowFACTS. This is very true.


Well i’m not that far downhill. I have many things and luxuries that other people don’t have. I was probably just exaggerating a little. It is getting there. A year or 2 ago actually nearly jumped out of a window on the 4th floor of a building. I’m pretty glad i’m still herem


Well its been a few months of not touching realm, I would say I’ve technically “quit” it but I don’t really find any reason to delete the account anyway. Maybe I’ll be able to play with old friends again but for now I’ve moved on to different games I find fun. I’m making this post as a sort of closure, although my one regret is that I never really finished that 2nd item list I was planning to do (idk why I’m stuck at trying to make a seal and decided to give up).

Anyone who wants to use the ideas or the stuff I posted are free to do so, have it as a basis, build upon it, rework or mention it. I won’t really be replying as actively if at all anymore. I’ve kinda burnt out on the creative juices in terms of this game, sorry.

So to anyone who cares or follows my posts thank you! From my experience I had a great time with nearly everyone on the forums and I really do appreciate the few taking the time to comment or even just vote in the polls I made. I’ll see you all when I see you all, stay safe!


This is a goodbye to the forums, not to the game.

Last year I started playing this game again after a 5 year break. I came back as a light blue star who had never completed as much as an ocean trench (on the production servers anyway :wink: ). Right now, I am where I am.

The day after I came back to the game, I joined the forums. I posted my first white bags here. My first deaths here. Joined my first guild here. But it’s about time for me to say goodbye to the forums.

Thank you so much for everything, and for taking this light blue star under your wings such a long time ago!


add this thread to the gamer graveyard specifically for old RotMG players


I finally decided to uninstall this. I’ve had this installed since my first days in 2011. The day they announced O3 is what started it for me, and when I just knew the game was taking a turn for the worse. I’m not going into details because let’s avoid the controversy and arguments, but it’s been harder to enjoy RotMG since then. As an old school player who still liked to play in the realms casually, I was never going to go with the “if you can beat 'em, join 'em” train of thought, and join Discord to run endgame content, raids, and be a part of the elitist group.

Here’s a shoutout to all of the people on my friend’s list, in the off-chance that they see this:

For those that know me from me a long time ago, or even those who have grown fond of me in more recent years, you’re not left out and I most certainly didn’t forget about you. This friend’s list is a list I made during the early Kabam days.

I have left my YouTube account linked on my profile page, in case you want to keep in contact with me, and we can share Steam friend codes,, or even a Playstation Network name since I own a PS5.

It was a good ride while it lasted and I wish everyone nothing but the best in your lives. Stay healthy and be compassionate towards others. KiddiKong out. :v:


Sadly, I feel the same. Discord raids are not something I enjoy doing, I wish to hop on the game, clear the Realm for a while, have a good time without having to check 20 Discord servers every 5 minutes for a new raid announcement. I wish I could play at my own pace and still enjoy the game as much as I used to years ago.


you’ll be back