The ghost


The ghost is a new class that you become after dying on your character. His job is to literally doing nothing, but he can talk with the group. He can’t see enemies or he has to stick in a living ally (to prevent ghost helping the group, he should be a passive class). You can’t bee seen by other people unless they are ghost too. His skin would be the skin of your character but darker.


How does this add anything to the game ?


What is the point of this?
No, seriously. Is this guy just gonna walk around and be bored? Why is this a class? Why does the fact he



Is it a real new class or just a trivia sort of thing ?
Could you develop any gameplay-utility to this ?


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I think this is supposed to be a humorous shitpost.


Nice shitpost


Oh darn I thought I was the only one that wasn’t taking it seriously


insert WIP meme here


No, he’s supposed to be a spectator class for when you die


The idea of becoming a spectator temporarily after you die isn’t bad at all and could actually make for a good edition, you just didn’t explain it well.


Mega shitpost


Your post is useless.


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Yeah, these are really good points. It doesn’t add anything really fun to the game, and how is it a class, by the way? It’s not. But the Ghost is

so this may be just me, but I don’t think this post is full of sh**. I suggest that the Ghost can see what other players have, but only when they are in a Realm. If he’s able to do this, yes, he could be a spectator, but more importantly, he could see how other players play and slay monsters, and maybe even learn how to play better!


I actually think that this could become a great idea! Oh, but switch the Ghost traits. He should be able to see the monsters and not be able to talk.


This would be a very interesting way for people to learn how to do endgame dungeons. For example, suicide a level 5 char on one then follow around the group.


Why would you even be doing an end-game dungeon on a level 5 char?


its not doing a dungeon. Its learning how to do one. Using a lvl 5 char is simply to stress not suiciding your main 8/8 or something.


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