The Inner Workings machine secret!


we need a password

Passwords tried :


-actually it’s PPELELXD

The Glitch has returned in the Realm! Locate and dis”patch” him to access The Machine, which may have some strange new goods! Let’s just hope there are no >bugs< in the program…

VIDEO PARTS :camera:


Nothing to do with the chest event, but perhaps you’re on to something… else?


maybe you need to ask my eyeball

everyone go in libs


“bug” detected in system, awaiting administrative password to initaite “insect” confusion protocall? something insect base? insect confusion based? maybe?


first, this is sick. second we need to band together to figure this out.


It’s almost as if you would know something about this?


Toastrz is a UGC working for deca member.


@Niegil in his spoiler thread for the april fools stated that there was a dungeon named “Inner Workings”. Maybe if you find the password you get there. That is just an idea.

Btw, guill is everywhere, including in the in game screen. That must be a hint


At the end of the patch notes on reddit for this update, it says “P.S. Thank you Guill!”

Maybe you’re onto something.


ok, so it has something to do with Guillermo


I’ve found nothing about guill. I talked with him. Maybe we need to wait the craig interaction Done, nothing happened


If it is asking it in the nexus, then maybe it can only be activated in the nexus


what server are you in @Demonseye


No it was asking it in the Machine, a text box appeared just on the portal


oh, that makes more sense. Are you aware of if it happens every time?


I did about 10 machines and it popped only once.


guess they forgot something crucial …?


Not related to your treasure hunt :wink:

Keep at it :crab:


Fixed that.

Also, just a heads up: only those big bois at Deca such as Mr. Bee here above me actually know the password.

Has anyone tried “pots”? I mean, that’s what you usually thank Guill for, don’t you?


Nah, he just gives pots.

We need help of the Eyeball, but people are just abducted by machines. It’s quite hard to find a lib rn.