The Inner Workings machine secret!


so is the skin chest fake as well


no that is real albeit rare as hell


Good searching with you all


no thats very real. ive gotten 1 in 40 or so machines so far


Final thing I’d like to add before I go for now:

Should you for any reason be interested in “How” or “Why” the calculator operates (or does not operate), feel free to message me on discord.

I didn’t spend a long time on it because I hated making it :wink:. I could talk about it for literally hours , lol.

@ Mrunibro#4022 , /u/Mrunibro


[ASMR] Mrunibro explains how the Inner Workings function to you on a simple mic at 2 am on a warm summer night


I have a new mic since a few weeks :wink: I no longer sound like a crazy homeless person.

I still think like one, but I dont sound like it anymore!


Damn, I really need to find some loot or a boss or else I go crazy, I cant just leave.


I found the Inner Workings, but I’m still confused as to what it’s supposed to be?


Its a Calculator that Uni “Programmed” using realm objects. Said he put 400+ hours into it!


This has been going on for about 20 minutes now…

Right now it finished ‘calculating?’ a couple squares. I don’t think this is going anywhere though.


your group most likely broke the cockulator, so you’ll have to just nexus and try again if you wanna do math :frowning:


Yeah probably, we did -00808 * - 88888
which I think should result in 71821504, and I don’t think is possible to be displayed?

We’re still watching it going, it has almost reached the top, lol. It’s interesting to just watch it do it’s thing!


as long as at least 1 player is in every existing rectangle at all times, the machine should arrive at a result. (Otherwise it could miss a signal and then wait to receive it, forever)

Like you said, the calculator might overflow, though. There’s 16 bits of data, so just the input “80,000” (‭0001 0011 1000 1000 0000‬) doesn’t fit.

And then the truncated result of that will be multiplied with the “808” which sould work. But chances are the result won’t make sense, or worse yet, the result overflows AGAIN so that your outcome will make even less sense!

Spoiler for what I expect the result to be (click here to see)

truncated 80,000 to include the first 16 bits only is 14464. Multiplied by 808 you get ‭1 0110 010 0101 0100 0000 0000‬

truncating that again you get ‭21504‬


As someone who is on a conference call with this man almost daily, I’d like to state that this is a lie.


You know that the mystery has been solved, right?


Yeah I didn’t realize


There are more secrets to be found. 4 more special answers which have a unique response.


Maybe we could start a team to discover the other 4


420? 666? 777?