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when is the server online i wana try this new thingy out


just about 24/7 lo

Current list of Skins, for Lazy People:

Shogun%20Male - Classic (Male)

Shogun%20Female - Classic (Female)

Dishonorable%20Shogun - Dishonorable Shogun

Elegant%20Bladeswoman - Elegant Bladeswoman

Town%20Dress%20Shogun - Town Dress Shogun

Yangban - Yangban

Christmas%20Shogun%20Male - Christmas Shogun (Male, Christmas Set)

Christmas%20Shogun%20Female - Christmas Shogun (Female, Christmas Set)

Stone%20Shogun%20Male - Stone Shogun (Male, Stone Set)

Stone%20Shogun%20Female - Stone Shogun (Female, Stone Set)

Foreign%20Militant%20Male - Foreign Militant (Male, Kingdom Set)

Foreign%20Militant%20Female - Foreign Militant (Female, Kingdom Set)

Tadashi%20Shino-Sha%20Lg%20Male%20Skin - Tadashi Shidō-Sha (Male, Large ST)

Tadashi%20Shino-Sha%20Lg%20Female%20Skin - Tadashi Shidō-Sha (Female, Large ST)

Tadashi%20Shino-Sha%20Male%20Skin - Tadashi Shidō-Sha (Male, Mini ST)

Tadashi%20Shino-Sha%20Female%20Skin - Tadashi Shidō-Sha (Female, Mini ST)

Tadashi Shidō-Sha is the ST Set, btw


So, this is both a bump and an update.


  • MP Costs of all Crests are reduced by a fair amount. This is to make them far more usable than they were before.

  • Crest of the Titan’s HP is less, and they gain less HP over time.

  • Even more Skins, as listed below.

Executioner - Executioner (Kaishakunin)
Lady%20of%20Nobility - Lady of Nobility (Onna Bugeisha)
Slime%20Shogun - Slime Shogun (Slime Set)
Distant%20Warmonger - Distant Warmonger (Daimio)

  • Yangban has been renamed to Joseon Warrior.

  • Some of Joseon Warrior’s colors(hat and hair) got changed, as shown before.


  • Elegant Bladeswoman’s name changed to Joyous Bladeswoman, as it is a reference to Buddy from Lisa the Joyful. The description was changed to reflect its reference material.


The Sts seriously cannot drop from Mountain temple.


I think you might’ve missed the “or”…


I know, but they can’t drop from lair of Draconis either. Those dungeons already have enitre st sets attributed to them.


Then… don’t leave Lair out if you’re going to be mentioning both.

I put it to those for two reasons.

  1. PServer. Plain and simple.
  2. There’s nowhere else that they can go currently, and I’d rather not make an entire dungeon for the sake of adding one ST Set.


You see, the ninja st drops from Thicket which is by no means related to ninja. Even though this was created before the ninja st, take some inspiration and put it somewhere else.


That’s… not at all what was meant.

Look at how strong it is, and then look at stronger dungeons that even remotely resemble anything about the ST Set.

Hint: there are none.




So… even if I don’t necessarily want to do anything for Realm anymore, I’m not giving up on just this one idea. I’ve updated the document to look prettier for the skins, updated a lot of skins, and outright replaced two of them.

Joyous Bladeswoman has become Feudal Infantry
Executioner has become Masked Assailant
Crest of the Titan’s tiny totems have been changed to resemble a Marble Core
Mark of the Warlord’s shot has been changed to resemble that of a katana’s

Joseon Warrior has been updated to look much better
All sideways facing sprites for skins with a headpiece have been updated to show the katana behind the headpiece, and you can compare them to the versions posted somewhere above.
Foreign%20Militant%20Female Lady%20of%20Nobility Foreign%20Militant%20Male Shogun%20Male Stone%20Shogun%20Male Stone%20Shogun%20Female Shogun%20Female Tadashi%20Shino-Sha%20Female%20Skin Slime%20Shogun Tadashi%20Shino-Sha%20Male%20Skin


if ur leaving they why are u doing this rotmg woth look at this regardless


I’ve had the Shogun around for a long time, and it’s one of the few things I’m not gonna give up on.

Besides, I’m still gonna do things for (insert private server), since I’ve been there for a long time.


@moderators It would be much appreciated if you could remove this thread, just kinda altogether. It’s a bit of a mess, and I’ve already uploaded a much better version.