The Shogun, Fully Remastered - JohnMH


This one took a while, but I’m finally mostly done with the Shogun! Sprites remastered, stats redone, and even proper animations for every nontiered ability! I hope it’s satisfactory, and that you enjoy reading!

This one is gonna be slightly different than the Bearer. Since I’ll be making frequent updates - especially for skins - I’ll have everything on this document (and a Reddit Mirror) that you can view.

If you’re too lazy to click the text, here.

added reddit mirror, don’t judge me. also wrong section lmao


Love the totem sprites!


Thanks! They were honestly super fun to make.


was in classes section
thread got posted in wip

fixed that as soon as i noticed lmao



Additional little in-game view of a totem. Source won’t be named for ToS reasons.


This idea sucks!!!

Just kidding, I really like this. Really well thought out class, hopefully someone with connections to deca sees this because I can definitely see this being in the game.
Good job!


Personally I think you should change “Mark of the Warlord” into something that doesn’t have “mark” in the name, because marks are already a group of things in this game.

Other than that, nice job.


last time i checked shoguns rode horses, they didn’t summon totems like a Hawaiian. i like the concept but shogun isnt the guy you’re looking for, summoner would be better with a staff or wand or something


Not everything has to be 100% historically accurate.

cough ninja



Added Dishonorable Shogun skin.


Update 2:

Added Elegant Bladeswoman skin.

oh, also @CandyShi, i changed it to memento


Update 3:

Added Town Dress Shogun skin and Spirit of the North, the Winter Tier 6 reskin.

Seeing a pattern yet?


Still in testing and needing of fixes, but it’s playable. (I know Bledixon isn’t on the forums, but major thanks to him for coding it.)


Damn these are beautiful for some reason great work!


wait is this on the testing server WTF


Might wanna delete the pserver name as it is against ToS.


it’s the name of the creator


Wait hold up the name of the pserver is also the name of the creator?


Nah. I can’t say on what for ToS reasons, but I hear searching the name listed will help you.

@Merricmojo yes. It’s also his username. :lul:


I added both the ST Skins (small ones, not gonna butcher a big one) and the Stone Skins for both genders to the document. I’ve also decreased costs for all abilities, except for one or two, after testing them all a bit.