The Sinful is no longer recruiting!


The Sinful is now closed until further notice, we will be back soon!

Hi, i have 2 8/8s and 1 7/8, looking for good guild that pops frequently
Should let people delete their own threads
Looking for US(or EU)Guild(Currently Not Looking)
LF guild ;o
US player looking for guild
Guild search

3 months and now we have a proper application, good job grim :+1:


thx bruv!






This is our new page, please disregard the others which are closed :slight_smile:




Just out of interest, what’s Guild Time?
Also, have a free bump and a cookie :cookie:


Essentialy, guild times are weekly scheduled times where we as a guild come together and play games at the same time. Mostly realm, but if people have other games we occasionally will play those too. You are required to be in the VC (though you don’t need to speak) during guild times, and you are required to make 1 hour of guild time a week unless you clear it with officers beforehand.




hi meaning to apply but first i need to get back to were i was my 8/8 died and ive been grinding out pots to get 2 6/8’s just a suggestion for the form maybe you could add an optional question at the end for extra information that applicants might want to tell you if that may influence your acceptance thanks for your consideration.


I already have a question at the end of the application for comments questions and concerns, this is where you give any extra information.


oh sorry i might have accidentally skipped over that

3 8/8's 1 7/8 more in the progress of maxing - LF discord guild
Looking for a guild in USE p l s
Looking for a guild [US]







ba-dump sha-lump




After only 1 month in The Sinful, I’ve already lost all my hair!


good ur doing it right xD