The White Bag Thread v2


ugh k



first double white :slight_smile:


Got this from the 80 notes quest:



Oh yes finally holy shit

After 1 year of farming the set !!


After that,

Hyeperion luck ?


What no please stop ty

3 runs, 3 things i wanted for so long


First Oreo and Kageboshi! Happy they were not from the Keyper…just something much more special about getting them to drop from the original locations. Great to have the Oreo for upcoming O3, too!


That’s basically every nest event in a nutshell for me.


Wait you forgot to post your UBHPs


I do so much shatts, i don’t post ubhps


What if you do a post just of like 10 UBHPs to flex.


That popped in my mind.


The inv ones are all off-setted.


Also I got mg cloak then plane right after. Why not flowing clarity :frowning_face:.



The General Chat Thread

Gib me. My PPE Knight btw lel xd wants it. 9999 posts demons claim last post quick!


No, it’s better to leave it to someone else. What will it bring me to my life ? What will it change to the world ? I choose to give it to someone like @RareMeat, @Furyborn or even you, someone that actually wants that miserable achievement on a pixel game.

I will grow up, go outside, while these lifeless husks will remain sticked to a screen doing the same thing over and over, just to achieve a shiny number. Seriously ?!


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