The White Bag Thread v2


yeah but the guy saying call sew hasnt been seen for 6 months


Ah. I see.


My gf got a EP on her very first run through of sprite world last night but was on low health and kinda panicked nexused and she left it there on the ground



He is stepping up game by posting a recent one. :thinking:


Is it just me who think’s that he’s Book?


I think we all know what you are…
suspicious cropping


I use Snipping Tool.


Just set it to “window snip”


I cant say. I dont think i checked forums too much when book was not banned.


well im stupid


It definitely could be, and it is very likely, but a lot of players do that in Mad Labs while waiting for the second Boss.






How to do?


After you click the snipping tool icon, there will be a button labeled something like “mode” or “settings” (depends on which windows version you’re using). Then just click “window snip”.


if you look at the other player in the screenshot they were light blue at the time and are now white so I would actually believe the op


Holy Shit


PSA for the future, “Ignorethis” has a different pet in every post, so I dont even think those screenshots are his.


i reckon the first was legit but when people started suspecting something he did other people’s ss to “throw them off the trail”

the cropping ensures that we cant prove its not him

(we should probs no witch-hunt if you can call it that but…)