The White Bag Thread v2


this makes me happy inside


when dominion plsss


No, I didn’t toss it thanks to @Lily


The second one I get from the epic/mighty chest lel
also got a greater mana from a mighty chest, didnt know it dropped


after 2 years, + one prank (one in testing server lol xd)


i like whats happening


Was it the last part of the set?



I literally screamed at my brother JUGGGGGGGGGGGGG and he got so confused ppe btw


REEE ran out of likes so :heart: for now


nope. missing the staff, in honey huntress missing the trap, and with dragon tamer missing the armor


the dye is the white bag btw, ignore the wand


Just remembering, today we all get a vault chest because of the free 3 coupons deca gave away free

the thread should be renamed the loot thread btw


Uselessness, and more uselessness. Luckily, I survived the tomb - now I just need to do 2 more O2s!




kinda of an F for me since i dont like potato





Got this on my samurai PPE!


hp pots luck