The White Bag Thread v2


Double white :eyes:


Scepter was from the monthly mystery st chest.


FINALLY! I have been trying to get any of the armors sense they were first released, and this is the particular one that I was hoping for.

I may have lost an rogue and an archer to get this, but putting them on my ninja makes it all worth it.


I like STs and all, but why do I only ever get the RINGS?


My 5th White overall:

And an Orb from buffed Lich’s minion.

Basically I fed all of my Whites and STs except Ring of Nile (I died with it earlier this year…)




I got a double white from cult yesterday, with bloodshed and the robe.
Today I got a back to back white from cult, first the bloodshed, and then the staff.
This is my first staff, and I’m loving it as a short range dps staff. Risky to use however, outside of perhaps godlands and medium tier dungeons.


White and reactor from UFO!!!


my loots from this event, alien caches + whites :smiley:


ignore music

also i got the leather/leather+robe within an hour and a half after 3 days of nothing


Just a Yellow Core and a Locked Reactor, if I’m correct.
Likely that I won’t get the Reactor…




My pet is salivating.












finally got another bulwark


First puri ever! Right as I was maxing a priest