The White Bag Thread v3


A neat Leaf Bow (albeit not shown!).

Another copy of this, bleh. Really don’t need another, frankly…

A ring of goo. Perhaps it will be fun to toy around with it again!

And the katana of gaaaaaay! Now I can get all the girl skins to be lesbians.


2 days later:


Finally, an actual Doku from SoA himself.

With clover (couple days ago kek).


ahem ahem

One run, one beisa, one samurai.

Two bps, one white.

That’s right! Enforcer BP, glad guard and glad guard bp in the SAME run! WITHOUT CLOVERS!
My luck is cosmically large, and i cannot contain my happiness.



skins for days lol(btw the first one was without loot drop, sooo)




A nice little birthday gift! This will now let me complete my 2nd Hollow King set…somehow. UDL events were my blessing from the past, hah.
Though, this means I’ll throw an Anointed on my primary bard, which lets her lose some vit…mweh.



I still can’t get the ring… but congrats!


Holy smokes that is a stacked post! Congrats!


Wow, another one on the same character. Now I just need LOTL to give me an Ogmur ;-;



skins galore pt 2


This isn’t a white bag but its 1000x more rarer than one.


Hey i just finished my LootBag Thread #5, it contains 100 of the last Loot(mostly white)Bags ive gotten as drops

Here is the link to the Imgur Gallery


Just leveling up xD


wanted deathless, but cannot compain :slight_smile:


sacrifices were made for my white bag :skull::skull::skull:


From my experience I really liked that dagger. Good find.


RNG tells me to play Assassin.

From the actual Court Encore.


I swear to god I need to stop throwing dollars to this game… But it doesn’t stop me from getting new skins.

@Seelpit TY for the skin :smiley:


first armor!