The White Bag Thread v3


Some Whites


Not the best white but the first one in ages so it looks so iconic and juicy.


After 2 years of saving the free tokens, they finally added it to the tinkerer aaaaaa!!!1



just realized taht i didn’t post this here, but a few days ago…


minutes after my necro dies i get the last piece of set. I literally knew it was going to happen, too… Well, time to make another necro… SIGH


haven’t been keeping up with the screenshots; too many to post

but, i brought a friend back ~

: D


Did I post this already?

Meant to say “Trident” SMH.

Not bad but I would take another Jugg instead.

I thought my Anointed luck got exhausted but nope.


Never stop getting them.


how to PPE 101: a guide to getting loot 15 minutes after you create your character

(yes, i did get a shield rune and ST orb almost back to back)



once again, screap is a god


*comes back after 3 months

An eye for an eye


We take those.


Did cutlass get buffed or nerfed? I mean with the cd rework doku got a shadow buff, so did cutlass get one?


Nope. Same ol’ 180-230, with 130% rate-of-fire, 3.2 range, -2 defense, and +3 speed.


but it does have a slight resprite


Summoner luck? Got my first jugg yesterday!


nice on my summoner PPE! Alr have one so I think forging it would be the best option


should I use this for forge? Idk I don’t have one so I’m wondering, it does seem pretty good, although I think the shots going backwards would make not as efficient


ayo?!?!? Summoner mace on summoner ppe?!?!?


Backwards? No, I acquired that recently, and have been actively swapping between that and my T6 (since those are the only two wakis I have now). It works at an arguabley better range than the Eastern Winds with far range with forward firing, slow moving projectiles, so I replaced the EW waki. I enjoy the “heavy punching” sensation as opposed to the traditional “slash,” but it takes a lot of mana compared to my T6, and I lose the dex bonus. There’s other, better wakis out there, but I’d use this one if you don’t have anything to compete!