The White Bag Thread v3


This is the new ‘mistake’ lute I think.


DUDE THAT WAS THE OLD LUTE FROM BARD TESTING! That’s super cool that they reused it lol.



In case youre curious, this is what ‘uninspired’ looks like with dbow :joy:


wait can you get the lowest def in the game with it?


It does lower def by 10, so maybe. I’m not sure why that’s an achievement you’d want though lol


true but I just think its interesting


For some reason, I thought this was a fake. Fortunately, it was not. Unfortunately, EP is unchanged. (Give it boomerang shots already!!)

Psh! Who even needs to farm Sprite Worlds for this?

kid fork


I also got another Xakatana and a…er-hem. Waki of sorts.


is that sprite mace any good? got the bp today


while farming for the reskin :smile:


after a long break without playing rotmg… today again

and then this:

never got high level white and st together before

edit: another one


First ever jugg woot




so… um…


Some forging for my summoner.

You know, out of three chests, I had to get items for sets I had all but the abilities for.

So, I learned something today. Apparently if you get the T in ot, and someone says the wrong thing, Thessel shotguns. Not very fun to learn.



That’s 2 outta 4 done, now.

*off-key accordion noises*

I really don’t need more of these, frankly.

And yet…


there are literally hundreds more to scour through in my screenshots folder, but this’ll do for now since the last time i posted here, and that would just be outright mean spam lol

that oreo one, i was joking w/ the “5 oreos” and when i walked up to the last spot, there was an actual oreo O_O


yeah… but where is the dagger? :smiley:


it feels great on my summoner, better than t6, but without doing any maths, just of the feeling.


well I posted this in the wrong thread