The White Bag Thread v3


8 Helms, 2 full ST sets (with a half dozen extra armors and rings), and even a pet skin later, I finally got my first Stinger last night. Time to go rush some shatters switches before everything changes! (Bad quality because I keep getting the “Improper Image Header” error when trying to upload… anyone know a way to fix it other than nerfing the quality to oblivion?)


5/29 whites/sts dump


Not a lot this week but here there are:

Not bad. Maybe useful for Exalting Sorc in the future.

From the fame boxes. Not bad NGL.

Finally, an actual Corruption Cutter.


Not bad ST but me want Shrine Priestess still…


Two lovely rare drops today! Still grinding for that cloak, and managed to get another dagger and my first non-keyper Jugg along the way.


3 st items from one manor


5/30 whites/st dump

double white from chest, sick


The moment i saw this colo in the bag i instantly became a bard hater :cry:



And it wasn’t even from the chest 8DDD

Underwater uwu


Were you screaming in real life when you got the skin?


White Bag Dump [1/2]


White Bag Dump [2/2]



5/31 whites/st dump



6/1 whites/sts dump

today was bard day
got my favorite bow in the game, and first dammah white on the ppe



2 Shield Runes? I would be selling 3 runes for 1 Life pot real EZ.


legit that’s my first miniboss white in a longggg time


Me want that Coronation <3