The White Bag Thread v3


6/2 whites/st dump

got potato and source in the same run


Why are you carrying around enforcer?


Hey, I sometimes carry around one or more doom bows, just to cry out “dbow” at every event boss which was killed. ppl are trading me to verify what I said and - hopefully - get confused then. :smiley: (hmmm, could take a Bergenia with me… )

There are some great rumors in RotMG, why not make new ones?


at this point, it now serves as luck item, i guess…

my vault, ninja and samurai are out of space xd





Loots of the Week…

Race against the clock when Oryx sealed the Realm, but I happened to solo TRoom and got white and FP.

Got this SJudgement back after feeding it a while back. Now that’s 1/3 before completing to the Malogian trio again.

Not bad, definitely need it.

Now I just need Ornate Armor to complete the set again.

At 1st I thought after I fed my 1st MBane, I won’t get it back. Oddly I did, now I just need the CBastion to complete the set again.

GGuard when?

Need Shield and Sword so I can make (un)stonks again.

Took me 2 Cems to get the mark for Forging my (2nd) Resu after dying on my 1st one (lasted 8 months).

1st try… ping lagged on Skuld’s final phase and yeeted myself to Nexus. 2nd try, secured the mark and nailed it. Hence, this is why my current Samu is wearing the same setup as her now-slain predecessor.

Getting her Tunnel Rat back online and got this buffed Sphinx. Not bad, but won’t be using it for a while.

Triple UT’s? Did I post this b4?

Ok why am I still getting hyped up on a DBow even though I can forge it? I would buff DBow by giving it an ability to charge up its shot.

1st white from Avalon himself, just want SSeal to complete the CLib trio.




Unexpected Mad God Mayhem White


You know, I actually used those a while back to obtain SB on end-game fights I was still learning? Krathanas were cool :v)


A page-farming intermezzo! My second armor, with no first bow or quiver in sight, alas.

And another butter bow. I think this is my third spare, so…uh, semi-EP for one of my bows…?


stacked on my npe too lmao


I didn’t want this book I got the wrong pages.


twoooo offff themmmmmm


Not that far apart from each other to boot either, it would appear!


Just 1 run apart! So incredibly lucky. The 1.5x droprate with the occasional help of a clover is no joke.


(but i was wrong, did nto complete the set again, the ring is missing)



oh ok