The White Bag Thread v3


nice dragging, i dont think i’ve ever tried to do that!
and i still need that ring…


I still have one that I saved, the other is gone unfortunately


Aaand with that ridiculous lucky quest chest, I have finally gotten all the whites from the new Shatters, and may now successfully retire from RotMG <3







REAL Ogmur?!


unbelievable i know



Some more PPE fiddles, and:

From today: Leaf Dragon Unhidden Armor! A cute one. Might keep it, might use it for forge c:

Joke all you want, I actually like having one now!

And a waki of right shots. A nice 30/40, since I don’t really plan on losing or making another Samurai soon!


warrior dies and I get this fatty :confused:


Weekly loot dump…

Missed the last rotation, but this time I won’t!

Gonna collect them.

Alas, I have finally recovered from that Archer death. To be frank, I don’t h8 any of those items.

Me spelt “Sheath” wrong. Oops.


Aiming for Monocle BP next…

Key popper luck.

Rushed that whole Tomb. Didn’t got any whites but this will do.

Me and Dummy popped 4 LoD keys in total for the solo’s.

Not bad NGL.

Now that’s another back-up set completed. Heard some dude complained its droprate is abysmal.

Was hoping for other whites.



Oh w8, this is the one that I got 2 Swords in one LoD.





forge fodder

from same run (i was crashing lmfao)



First Dire Instablity!



The power duo



Hello there, Jayne Mansfield