The White Bag Thread v3


congrats! I’ve still never gotten one as a drop


Good luck! I never thought it would happen to me either haha you’ll get it one day!


youre not alone. :wink:

gz @Janaval use it wise :smiley:






Cult double white too, though not as nice (I’ve yet to find a use for the staff):


Love to see it. Cult double white gang

Staff good pet food




lean on ppe yay, surely i get helm soon and it doesnt take me the whole season like it did last time :clueless:





I will get shiny dblade


Haven’t played in abt 2 years and come back to this


Yet another cult double white. This time with the Tachi which I think is my third, so more of it than the other whites since it came out. Not sure I’ll ever get round to using it, I don’t play Katana classes often and when I do have sets I like to use.


dead, to the minions and a white demon hidden behind a tooltip i was checking after a solo skull shrine died, im not very good ;-;



o3 Event has been good so far!