The White Bag Thread v3


actually super happy, first plague in 10 years, actually love the playstyle of this item



two maces in one depth, one from egg, one from boss


crafted the first oreo by logging in every day for ancient schematics and waiting months for the BP to roll around, then got my first one!


just bc i like the set


Got a shiny leaf bow yesterday, it was the hardest I have ever popped off over an Item drop in a game

(This is my second shiny this week, my friend was so mad he had to stand up and leave the room lol)






Shiny ! My third Shiny item, and the first I noticed almost immediately – unlike some others the difference between it and normal, being white not grey, is much clearer.




Loot dump from yesterday after extended hibernation.


That was unexpected ! I was only in there to fill up on ichors on a new char.


rock dragon pet skin when


Just got another Shiny, this is my 3rd one in the last couple weeks. Brand new shiny on the first day of the season on a UPE :smiley:


Those 2 made me post my first whitebags in here


A nice way to finish off 2023…

Some more dollars.

And my 1st legit Coronation. A fine addition to my collection.

2 in a row.

Mystery chests:


Unfortunately, it’s just overglorified pet food in this situation



shiny avarice