The White Bag Thread v3


i’ll just keep in in my vault my current chars sucks and i think it’s a good move to keep it for a future marble paladin


Does it suck though


he’s got a decent trickster idk @demonseye put it on your trickster


no i do not put an omni on a trix



I’ll give you a Harley and I’ll give xbookwyrmx a prism. They are both so common for me.


Tbh, unlucky from pups. Also, what are the drop rates for the sts? I’ve gotten 2 bows and 2 rings.


Put it on sorc. Or mystic, or assassin, and it isn’t too bad on trix or mystic. But I definitely reccomend putting it on sorc.


it appears that doing lost halls is quite profitable



man ive wanted both these bows for so long. first wlab chain i get both.


Nice! I need bergenia and hollyhock for the full set, so hopefully I’ll be able to get em in this event


Concertina after 50+ DDocks. Nexused and vaulted it. Oh yeah that Knight was trying to earn his 4 stars promotion.

Bought and popped DDock keys from MBoxes myself but nexused few times b/c can’t make it to Bilgewater in time.

Again, Fame over Loot. I’d rather keep my Boots on the Ground than missing Herm/Sphinx that would drop me a Jugg.


pog (this is a ppe but im so bad i dont wanna post on my thread)




Turns out event + loot clover is preeeetty good! Probably will get more later, but this will be my only event post unless I get an event white probs.



Realized I had 2 ddocks keys and a wlab key and decided to do a short chain…

back to back
was definitely worth



Don’t remember if this is my 3rd, or 4th one. Either way, another step in my joke of 3 of every fungal/crystal white before Crystallized mist. Still need a 3rd sporous spell…