The White Bag Thread v3


ive wanted this trap since it was released im so hapyyy :smiley:


I finally completed the ST Archer set!


Dang double event white? Hot


After about a year gone i come back and start heavily popping off. not shown here is the keyper sword.


i feed 200+ to my legendary pet(s)



probably the greatest 2 days of my realm career ever, sorc is now my favorite char


How do you turn off players? I can’t find it anywhere in the settings


It’s under opacity settings


opacity in settings, if you want to go below 50% you’ll have to go into the directory and change a number, mines at 20%


yes, because you have the scepter of devastation :smiley:


Don’t mind about me, I’m just a typical traffic cone in the highways.

And got this when I rolled for the Trickster skin. Looks decent but FP?



Yo that trix skin actually looks niceeee


worth :^)


Both can drop, I’d guess it’s around 40:60 illumi to dblade



#982 2nd omni on ppe and 4th ever, please give me void bow game


never used this wand so i thought it was a staff :smiley: