The White Bag Thread v3



Getting Mercy has never been a problem before now.


OMG 5 def 1 atk from cult nice haul


Just wanting a stinger and a ring :frowning:


@Furyborn I’ll give you my stinger if you give me that helm…


I would make that trade in a heartbeat if I could.


As much as I think I’ll like my stinger, I want to tour the Inner Workings. That’s on my Realm bucket list.


appreciate all yall making these threads :smiley:


wait you didnt use the puppet master skin :thinking:



Lol, it turns out I already had it and had forgotten :joy:. I would be happy to return it if you would like!


I have a friend who is new to the game, he probably wants it, I will get it back later


wow i thought i only hit it a few times


No peridot situation this time.


One to go.



Why’s it a blue bag?


It drops from the puppets, not the Master?

Also I called st before he died?


Mb, wasn’t paying much attention to chat and was confused because I thought the puppet master himself dropped it :unamused:


oh look a thing