The White Bag Thread v3


I feel like every other post on this thread is a dang anointed robe :sob:


Haha yeah its pretty common and poggers


Wish I could actually get one after over 100 guardian kills





the trap is fantastic, got one yesterday :slight_smile: huntress time!

… and from today:


wand of lord of war. I don’t know if I can actually this, since I believe I already have one on both my Priest and Sorcerer…



also got both other whites from red but they will not upload… But dang! Four whites in about 45 minutes of boosted? Thats pretty good… really hyped about the tail tho!






Your luck rn is something else


B) who said t0s cant hit sb? or t2s for that matter

i be boolin


god’s telling u to play knight (with t0 sword)


Yessss, I wanted that!

And now, thanks to those chains of Forax and spare Alien keys I had lying around…

Which totals out tooo…



Failed to resist the temptation to open till 2021 graduation :confused: Opening again in Xmas, then save them up again until June 2021. Got 3 Exa HP to sell for underpay (or maybe for OP) and 3 EleDet too.

Final minutes before ending, I ran out of vault space and still popped on some chests. Ended up causing few bags disappeared (no whites were lost because I didn’t even get one).

And this…

Pop those 3 types of Shards and…
They are getting buffed <3


You wouldn’t by any chance be willing to sell that shendyt…
Also:image u playin with dangerous stuff my guy




Cus I would like to buy one


No not that:



Oh I was just making a joke cus it was funny to see them in a row, cus they are in a row in rarity