The White Bag Thread v3


also got reef poison but didnt ss cus too excited, but i was in the reef and i was thinking back to when i was jealous of @Seelpit cus she got the poison, not jealous any more xd


You can see in the chat me wishing maddymoon luck on some shitty armor. I got it. Its light armor though and its on my ppe so I guess its fine :confused:


this bag actually genuinely wowed me guys


Mseal yesterday and now this


You just keep getting fancy whites now, don’t you? :no_mouth:


sucks it wasnt on ppe



slurp youre gonna run ur luck dry :sob:


got anointed in my backpack :wink:


Roller coaster episode 3 after losing my 7/8 Necro…

Got this Tez Tail reskin on Malogia. Was expecting DBow or Doku but sure, I will take it.

Originally, we had 5 dudes together but then one got killed.


first htt white, lucky me I was with my huntress to take a chance to test it :slight_smile:
and, of course, next shatters I died because being dumb on confuse :smile::smile::smile:



LET’S GOOOOOOOOOO!!! I finally got Fire Flower Samurai skin. I have w8ed several months for this.

TY again @Mizumi <3 <3 <3

P.S: Why does she makes the best skin…


Nice! I know how the waiting part goes. Worth it in the end, though.


Everything but the ST Cloak




only missing the armor from the effigy for complete set


Beer God adventures :slight_smile:

(That T0 staff lookin good tho :open_mouth: :smirk:)


Moar PPE whites