The White Bag Thread v3


Sacrificed Kageboshi, Void Blade and uh… I forgot for Doku just before my Sorc died.


I got my second ever crown (havent had one for 3 years), just to get another crown 2 runs later, which was also my last run to 5/5 atk on priest. 2 ice tombs after that, my first ice crown ever. 3 crowns, and it was all within an hour.
And now my guild wants to kick me for being so lucky lmao


We take those! 8D


I’m crying


GG skyslurp


Wasn’t calling it. Didn’t scream or anything but still, a new event white to add on my list.

Another killing blow + white = Epicness.

Watch this Trickster die tonight, I won’t be surprised.

Edit: Finally my 1st actual CWand (my 4th one overall) after dying with my forged counterpart on my Sorc. Now that should at least save my Forge fire for my next forges (need to craft Deva Scepter and Tlatoani Shroud again).



Ah yes, Helm Rune from Sentry. Without TPing on this Bard.

Welp, Dummy may not be able to use that…


Sweet! So long, T3 waki!

Final speed I needed to max, too :>




good dropping rate today…

st at stone guard and white at janus himself

st not from t but from quirrel (needed that ring!)

and another ut lute for the collection


Stinger, nice!


first o3 top


“Oh I just got Chipper.”


well, since there’s a lot of nests going on, I waited to get really lucky to post something :four_leaf_clover::smirk:


here’s another one to the White/Red/Orange Bag Thread ™


I thought that debate all but settled years ago :laughing:



Just started playing again and got that :smiley: