The whole Lost Halls was bugged


Marble room didn’t close.

No shrinks

Went mid but wouldnt pop up.

(Standing on it)

Whole void map cleaered.

Quest to show it wasn’t dead.


I wish the first picture happened to me when I solo’d halls :frowning:


nice dreams, work for it and it will become real some day :, )


I assume u mean splits?
Also why are you all the way off of the platform in the last two pictures?


Well no splits and shrinks. And to show the whole map.


Ohh gotcha
So after it went mid you guys just sat there and nothing ever happened?


lost halls 3.0 leaked footage


I don’t even want to know how this could happen, but uh…
@KiddF might wanna know this, if you didn’t already >m<


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