This needs to stop [events spawning on same tile]


well clearly they meant to have a marble colossus spawn but maybe they changed their minds :confused: dunno why


you mean a void entity escaped from the forgotten king what?


well, no obviously the christmas event was happening and thematically who wouldn’t want a giant stone paladin running around slaughtering people during the holiday of giving?


oh duh, my bad.
altho I am curious, did anybody get a midnight from the ivory chest?


no because ivory’s a bad boy


ok then.


gimme a name for this avatar-nest-pentaract






This is a white bag to me

[Edit: moved post here from the White Bag thread. -Nevov]




Nah don’t get rid of it, it’s fun and the game stays fresh. Only change where bags drop so I don’t have to run over a beehive to grab loot from sentry


it is a challenge but it’s also time consuming and dangerous, especially for new players, and in the case of the bee statues it’s impossible to get into the mountain temple, I happen to be farming for a wand and it’s extremely annoying to miss out on the once a realm events.



nice game 11/10 would play again


That is beautiful



Took a while, but we eventually took both of them down. Still, it was a pain :frowning:


Is there a chance to spawn avatar on top of sentry and hive on top of avatar-sentry?




There is a chance for every single event that spawns to spawn on the same tile


Can we do it?