This needs to stop [events spawning on same tile]


Been there, done that. Unfortunately the Avatar died before the Sentry did, so I couldn’t enter the Shatters it dropped.
If you want to clear this event, get people to bring assassins.


This was some cancer


fun stuff


48 AM
good advice.


Didn’t get a pic but nest and skull shrine together. All the debufs and the damage from the shrine. :grimacing:


hah, was taking a pic of a lost avatar until a mountain temple spawned to make it a lost mountain avatar(?) and killed my knight
EDIT: avatar of the lost mountain sounds good

  1. did u post in death thread?
  2. searching through your graveyard, I didn’t find any knight that died to the statues (which is what I’m assuming killed your knight. Maybe it didn’t update, or…

  1. no


does this count


Uploading pictures for others is fun




better pic




I feel so sorry for you

These are why Oreos are so great


It’s ok I was able to successfully retrieve it.


Prove it.
And White Bag Thread.


Better yet, he just makes a mystic and equips it and we check his realmeye page


fake white bag btw?
it appears too dark and skinny


Actually fun.


Avatar of the forgotten Sting