Top 50 Guild Prismatic Recruiting! [USW4]



Prismatic is looking for midtier to veteran players to pioneer the next step in dungeon running. We are hoping to push 10-man efficient clears of endgame dungeons of Fungals, Shatters, Lost Halls, and Oryx 3 in preparation of the next update. We want a guild with a friendly community, but with all fifty members able to set up 10 man runs at any time. We have plenty of experienced veteran members to try something unique for guilds!


  • 1,000 Base Fame, 3 (6/8)'s, Orange+ Star
  • Confident Experience with Midgame and Endgame Dungeons
  • Able to speak English as a primary or secondary language.
  • Over 16 years of age, and mature.
  • No ego, just good vibes. I’m serious.
  • Active in Discord and Voice Chat.

How to apply:

Please PM my discord at Winter#2896. Or, message any of the Leaders in the guild.
You are also welcome to fill out this application; not required but it will give you a better chance.


Bump. Still open!