Trade item: Greater Potion of Attack


Not sure where to put this kind of thread, so I’m throwing it here.

I saw the other two Greater Potions up on the trading post already, so was wondering why Attack hadn’t been added yet? It might be a rarer drop from Habyss, so the updater might have missed it.


Attack isn’t a primary drop from Abysses. It drops from the White Demons, but they’re supposed to be a bonus, not the main pot to drop.
It’d also be kinda insane if one dungeon dropped 3 different types of greater pots.


Thats why it doesnt drop from the boss. But it should still be on realmeye.


If you send a message to MrEyeball that is how to get new items added to the trading page. If you let him know it’s in today’s patch that’ll probs help him verify it.

The Greater Def and Greater Vit have been on since the recent Deca GM’s “Monster Carnival” mini-event -link, when they appeared in a loot chest. Greater Att is new today. That’s why they’re on but GtrAtt isn’t yet.

Make a reply here when someone has sent him a message, to avoid spamming the poor dear.


Message submitted!


And looks like MrE has done the business:


nice we have 5 greater pots now :smiley: 3 left to go


4 to go.
You’re forgetting, greater dex doesn’t exist because it drops from the nest.


It does…



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