Trivial Issues Thread


Puppet Master'sTheatre?


Is it because the “Puppet Master’sTheatre” is missing a space?


Major issue alert:
What’s going on with the ordering of the seasons, on the Rifts leaderboards selection drop down?


It’s not chronological;
It’s not alphabetical;

It’s not acceptable! :smile: :sweat_smile:


That made my butt clench in horror.


Double space between “will” and “not”






Is that just a graphical bug? Could you complete it? Did you actually have the marks? I NEED ANSWERS!


This frequently happens to me. It can be fixed by walking away until the overlay disappears, then talking to the tinkerer again.


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I don’t understand the Sphinx/physics bug?


For the physics one, look at the wall. Unless these are made of plastic, I’ve never seen an empty stone pillar.


Oh yeah I see it now! The tomb portal spawning so close has obliterated the side of the turret hasn’t it. So we’re seeing the ground through the missing side.

The tower looks a bit like a pharaoh’s hat now, lol.


Mildly infuriating.

The Pumpkin Master says he 'Carved them myself."

However, the Pumpkin of Pain is now a scarecrow. How the fuck do you carve a scarecrow?


Don’t you dare try to tell me that the head is a pumpkin.


It’s clearly a scarecrow made of pumpkin. Duh.


Or it’s filled with pumpkin seeds


I only recently noticed this on the Candy of Ominous Spells…

…that [was] specially made…


I wish I had the patience to complete the maze :stuck_out_tongue: