Trivial Issues Thread


*Greaterhosen, as it says on the item


Trying to only have guild and whispers chat on as per the tooltip does not work. This clashes with the Player Chat toggle option tooltip:



…What is oom? (oh wait… is it out of mana? but why…?)


Doesn’t ddocks have a guaranteed troom?




fixed now!


Sent a pm to Baragon about this a while back and it got fixed a couple updates ago.


A super trivial issue! In the blacksmith UI there’s 2 buttons: sort & search, but a few pixels left of the search button there’s a hidden “button” which shows a highlight, but doesn’t do anything when you click on it.

How did I find this? I don’t know.

I already sent this to Baragon a couple of weeks ago, but I just checked and it’s still in the game. It feels too trivial to send another message about it lol.