Trivial Issues Thread


I don’t understand what you’re trying to say


This bug has been around for nearly 3 years now…


Wand of the Bulwark be like: ‘’…The secret to its construction has long been lost.’’
Meanwhile, at the Blacksmith: ‘‘Who are you kidding, of course I can make that, thats like the basics! I don’t even need rare materials to forge those!’’


Enigma cloak does not center on the player. Instead it checks if the player is still in the AOE, and if so to keep it in place. This is annoying if you’re next to an enemy it will not hurt them unless you move out of the AOE.

When rogue takes AOE damage while cloaked numbers do not pop above his head.


To be more precise, the explosion comes from a seperate, invisible object, which attempts to follow the player, moving towards them whenever they move too far away from it.
It can be annoying at times, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call it an issue.


When you press space off 1 tile from the fog of war, you get an ability CD but your ability procs on you/ doesn’t proc at all (e.g. spellbombs) or it procs on your person (planewalker, trickster). A lifesaving measure can be bugged out and cause your death.


this is a pretty useful sometimes, as trickster can activate decoy this way without having to teleport at all. It’s also pretty difficult to “fix”, do you suggest it teleports you to the edge of fog of war, or do you suggest it doesn’t use the ability at all, or…?


Exposed is supposed to be (IIRC) -20 def. White demons deal 65 damage even though it armor pierces when exposed.


Exposed does stack with armor broken/armor piercing because your defense can be negative. I think this is intended.


It’s definitely supposed to stack with armor break, and it’s definitely supposed to stack with armor pierce against enemies. On players it’s more debatable, but I personally think it shouldn’t stack with pierce on players. I understand why they made the decision to have it the way it is though.